Conti (fine dei)

Da Query, Sofia Lincos conclude una rassegna di chi dà i numeri in occasione del 12.12 .(20)12 con:

E in fin dei conti anche l’espressione “fine del mondo” ha dodici lettere. Non possono essere tutte coincidenze, giusto?

Per evitare problemi, Babbo Natale ha anticipato 3 Physics Frontiers Prize 2013, $300 mila cad. (link miei) a

Charles Kane, Laurens Molenkamp and Shoucheng Zhang for the theoretical prediction and experimental discovery of topological insulators (miracoli quantistici al bismuto)

Alexander Polyakov for his many discoveries in field theory and string theory including the conformal bootstrap, magnetic monopoles, instantons, confinement/de-confinement, the quantization of strings in non-critical dimensions, gauge/string duality and many others. His ideas have dominated the scene in these fields during the past decades.

Joseph Polchinski for his contributions in many areas of quantum field theory and string theory. His discovery of D-branes has given new insights into the nature of string theory and quantum gravity, with consequences including the AdS/CFT correspondence.

3 New Horizons in Physics Prize 2013 – $ 100 mila cad.

Niklas Beisert for the development of powerful exact methods to describe a quantum gauge theory and its associated string theory.
Davide Gaiotto for far-reaching new insights about duality, gauge theory, and geometry, and especially for his work linking theories in different dimensions in most unexpected ways.
Zohar Komargodski for his work on the dynamics of four-dimensional field theories. In particular, his proof (with Schwimmer) of the “a-theorem” has solved a long-standing problem, leading to deep new insights.

2 sorpresine da $3 milioni cad. per

Stephen Hawking for his discovery of Hawking radiation from black holes, and his deep contributions to quantum gravity and quantum aspects of the early universe.

e nella serie “finalmente una donna – Fabiola for President”, per

the leaders of the LHC project, CMS and ATLAS experiments… Peter Jenni, Fabiola Gianotti (ATLAS), Michel Della Negra, Tejinder Singh Virdee, Guido Tonelli, Joe Incandela (CMS) and Lyn Evans (LHC), for their leadership role in the scientific endeavour that led to the discovery of the new Higgs-like particle by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.

Da condividere con Oliver che se non faceva la guardia al bidone all’LHC, il nemico lo bombardava a colpi di baguette.
Così fanno 16/4 x 3 = 12.