Thank you, Madam – Kall Fusion V

Da Ny Teknik,
Leader. Swedish Radio program Vetandets world has sent several programs on the Italian Andrea Rossi’s energy device , the E-Cat , which he claims is based on cold fusion . A reactor that produces more energy than is input, working at low temperatures, driven by non-hazardous fuel and not forming a waste … It sounds too good to be true.
And it is also the line Vetandets world power in its so-called investigation, I probably not the only one who thought that the radio programs would reveal that Andrea Rossi has bluffed  the few measurements which have shown that more energy is coming out than is input.
Ny Teknik reporter Mats Lewan – who have followed this story since January 2011 – has not managed to pull out some such frauds in the light. He has however reported several failed and aborted attempts in which the E-Cat has or should have been tested . But it is not the same as revealing a scam. Science Radio reporter Marcus Hansson reveals nor a fraud. He repeats the other hand, often Rossi previously sentenced to prison for environmental crimes because of a failed energy technology solution . But what does it say about the reaction that takes place in Rossi’s energy device? Nothing .
It says that the reactions that should take place, according to Rossi and all the reports, do not take place.
Not even Rossi may be doomed forever for a crime that he has atone . It’s a strange conception of justice Vetenskapsradion builds its dramaturgy on.
On this point I agree generally, not in this case for two reasons. Rossi did not atone for the appalling legacy of a previous invention of his. Since I pay taxes in Italy, I am one of the citizens who are still atoning for it after 25 years. And since the radio program was for a Swedish audience, it did not mention ongoing legal issues in other countries.
Swedish researchers, for example, experts in nuclear physics, high energy physics and physical chemistry, have been interested in whether it is possible to detect a cold fusion in Rossi’s case or not. Vetandets world has decided that these scientists are gullible and have been both deceived and duped by Rossi.
As you have have just stated yourself, they have no expertise in energy-producing devices and had to rely on Levi, not an expert either, whose repeated blunders are well documented.
Perhaps it is , but is it so wrong that a researcher be open to cold fusion may have occurred ?
I hope it’s right to be open, I am and would be relieved to know that cold fusion occurs. For the E-cat case though, we don’t need a researcher in order to know whether it produces excess heat. An expert tester from Sweden already reported it does not, and so does the Third Party Report once mistakes and wrong instruments are taken into account.
Ny Teknik chooses not to condemn those who are curious about something that is almost unbelievable. Our approach is to await more independent and scientifically reproducible test that clarifies what happens in Rossi’s reactor .
But Rossi has much left to prove before he can claim that his energy reactor works. One obvious problem is that he refuses to let any outsiders party open device to look inside .
To be credible, Rossi should end the secrecy.
Good luck with that! In the meantime, will you tell your readers that the “Greek cat” Mats Lewan had personally tested in August last year and whose astounding performance he had reported was a fraud? And that the fraud was known before he came to Milan to lend it a hand? (Two, actually, in order to measure the water temperature. No kidding.)
Susanna Baltscheffsky

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